Our musical open mic is one of Savannah’s favorite. We have been voted Best Open Mic by Connect Savannah. Bands and singer/songwriters of all genres are welcomed to join in. Our participants include newly formed bands looking for stage experience, professionals working on new songs, musicians looking to jam with others, touring bands routing through, and those who just want to be a part of Savannah’s music scene.

Open Mic/ Open Jam Schedule:

OPEN MIC & JAM: 8PM to 2:30AM on Mondays
JAM SESSION ONLY (No open mic) Every other Wednesday 8PM to 2:30AM (see calendar)

MONDAY Open Mic Features:

  • * All musical genres welcomed. Solo to full band.
  • * Full backline provided (including house drums and keys.)
  • * Many instruments available, if you don’t have your own.
  • * You can play your own songs and/or jam with others.
  • * 10-15 minute sets for solo acts (depending on turn out,) 15 for bands; option to sign up again (non consecutively.)
  • * Touring bands welcomed to stop in; please use our backline
  • * Professional stage for pro concert sound.
  • * Live multi-track recordings (subject to availability. Please text sound engineer for details and to register ahead 912-507-3599.)


    Wednesday Open Jam:

    • * This is a jam session hosted by the house band, The Mercers. Join them on stage to jam. You may be paired with other jammers. This is not an open mic.
    • * Many instruments available, if you don’t have your own.


    Open Mic Policies:

    • Music only. No poetry, comedy, acapella, free-style, etc unless with a backing band/musician. SORRY, WE NO LONGER ALLOW BACKING TRACKS. There must be a live musician playing on the stage.
    • Duos or groups cannot sign up in a row for multiple turns under each person’s name. Come’on.
    • Performers can sign up again at the end of the list once their turn is over and others have performed.
    • Please do not move the monitors, adjust the mics (because it damages them if they’re not adjusted properly,) or get on the stage before you are called.
    • The venue is 18+. Under 21 attendants must leave their ID with the door or bar staff and cannot drink before or during their visit or be subject to legal consequences.
    • Be considerate and watch some of the others’ sets!

    NOTE: The hosts may call musicians up out of order. The hosts can make any decisions to uphold the spirit of the rules and create a better experience for all. If they feel any policies are being deliberately skirted or taken advantage of, they may prevent this by making changes.


    Savannah Open Mics around town…

    In the spirit of promoting the scene as a whole, and helping the musicians of our scene develop, a benefit to everyone…I have compiled this google map of musical open mics around town. It was last updated Oct 2015. Each day of the week is a layer so you can see the musical open mic nights around town by the date. Join our open mic group for more up to date information and/or to meet the hosts and players.

    GO HERE FOR THE MAP: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=z8BUYfK6oEYU.k1NYWryF82xM